Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment occurs in the workplace many more times than reported. Most workers brush things off as jokes or are too afraid to get help. However, we are required to work our society. Therefore, no one should be objected to unwanted and degrading harassment and abuse in the work place.

Many injured workers who are sexually harassed also have workers compensation claims. These sexual harassment workers compensation claims are very important because many times, the harassment at work causes serious psychological injury which requires expensive treatment and medication. Generally, the worker will lose their health benefits when off work and will be left paying out of pocket for expensive medical treatment.

However, if you file a workers’ comp claim for your sexual harassment, all of your medical care will be covered through workers’ comp for your work related injuries. Often, workers’ comp is the only insurance coverage an injured worker will have for an injury. Some of the workers comp medications can be hundreds of thousands of dollars over one’s lifetime.

Additionally, you could be eligible for workers comp checks, permanent disability and even medical mileage to drive back and forth to your medical appointments for a sexual harassment workers comp case.

Contact me today to discuss workers comp sexual harassment claims. Most times, civil attorneys do not know how to help you with workers comp claims, and if your attorney does not know how, contact me immediately.

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