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Claim Reporting – The Law Office of Shaun Cunningham

Claim reporting is critical to having the best possible case.  As soon as work-related pain or an injury occurs, it is important to report this to your employer as soon as possible.  Workers’ compensation claims are more difficult the greater the delay from the onset of the work related injury and reporting to the employer.  However, we can still help an Orange County injured worker if the claim has not been reported and the work comp injury occurred previously.  Many times, this is why delayed work comp claims become denied work comp claims.  We have handled many cases with these issues, and usually we are able to obtain fair results for our clients.  It is important to have medical treatment for the work related injury as close to the injury date as possible, even if the work comp claim is not reported at the same time.  There are also delayed onset injury cases, like exposure to chemicals, or injuries occurring over a long period of time that cause disability after the injured worker stops working for the employer.  A good example of this is the asbestos cases.  However, physical injury can also have a delayed onset.  This is true for repetitive stress injury, like carpal tunnel, knee tears, shoulder tears, hip replacements, work comp back fusion and many others.  Also, there can be work comp stress from a bullying manager or bully supervisor and this can cause delayed work stress.  Call or email us for a personal injury or orange county work comp free consultation 949-391-3725

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