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Our success depends entirely on our reputation, so we make sure to every client gets top-notch service.

Informative Communication

Communication is the foundation of trust.  We inform you ever step of the way so you know exactly what is going on with your case.

Quality Care

No matter your injury, quality health care is the key to your recovery.  We make sure you get treated by the doctors you deserve.

Maximum Recovery

Don’t accept what the insurance companies have to offer.  Let us fight to get you the absolute maximum recovery possible under the law.

Overcome Denials

Don’t take no for an answer.  We don’t let a denial stop us from fighting for what you deserve.

Case Recovery

We leave no client behind.  All of our clients have received a recovery for their injuries.

Life Changing Results

We don’t just recover for our client, we recover big.  Life changing injuries deserve life changing results.

Great attorney! Really helped me with my injury claims from an accident. I recommend to friends and family.

Gilda A.

Mr. Cunningham was not only a knowledgable and professional attorney, he was also a caring one. Attorney Shaun Cunningham handled my case and thoroughly went through the procedure with me. Mr. Cunningham was dedicated to the claim and achieved a great recovery. Overall, I am very satisfied with Mr. Cunningham's services and would recommend him to future clients.

Miss K.

Mr. Cunningham is by far the most professional, caring, and knowledgable lawyer I have worked with. He really took the time to explain every little thing. I was confident that he was looking out for my best interest. Definitely highly recommended!!!

Morri M.

The Law Office of Shaun Cunningham is in my eyes is one of the Premier offices that you would be glad to be a part of. I had a very difficult case and had an Attorney who was not available to me. I contacted Shaun and from that second on I was covered, the old Attorney was fired. I was not being seen by a Dr. and responsibility was in question. Very shortly after I met Shaun I was seeing Drs. and my recover was being looked after. Even with a very difficult case with past claims on the same body parts, Shaun navigated the process seamlessly. I was and still very impressed with Shaun and I would recommend his in a second. The quality of service is top notch and I feel blessed to have found him, thank you Shaun.

Brian C.

Shawn was a very professional and knowledgeable attorney for me . He always explain everything about the case patiently to me . Was always on time and return my calls .
He was able to settle my case for more than I expected.

Edward T.

Shaun was my lawyer for two different work comp cases. I never went further than his office! He took care of everything for me and made it extremely easy to get through. Then after 3 years when work comp messed up my insurance Shaun stepped in and told me what to do. Again taken care of in one phone call. This guy is the best!!! Highly recommend him and he's very conveniently located in South County!!!

Mary E.

The Law Office of Shaun Cunningham is getting a complete, 5 star rating from our family.
Although my accident case took a turn in the wrong direction at some point, it wasn't anything Shaun couldn't fix! Believe me, if it was any other attorney, only God knows how this case would have turned out in the end. Our recovery was remarkable, due to all his hard work and patience. Shaun is highly trustworthy, professional and very caring. His dedication towards our accident claim was outstanding. Not only did he settle the case in a timely manner, but he was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. I recommend his services, highly!

Evelyn A.

I went to Shaun because a friend recommended him to me. I wasn't sure what to expect and I always assume lawyers are going to talk you into using their services even if they cant do anything just to get paid. He was really nice and helpful. Gave me some really good advice, its hard to find a lawyer to trust and is going to tell you the honest truth. Even though we didn't end up doing anything on our workman comp case he still answered a question I had the other day. Great service and would recommend him to anyone.

Maynor Mauricio M.

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