Sports Injuries

NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB workers comp claims. Many of these “workers” do not know that they can be missing out on significant compensation for their injuries. Athletes are some of the strongest and most able people in our society. However, they to suffer from serious and sometimes career ending injuries.

NHL workers compensation coverage could give you lifetime benefits for serious injuries suffered while playing professional ice hockey. Additionally, many NHL players suffer serious head trauma, and recurrent injuries to their upper and lower extremities.

NBA players are also eligible for workers comp. Most NBA players do not know this, but if they are injured in any way while employed, they could be eligible for NBA workers comp benefits. This could mean lifetime NBA workers comp medical coverage and possibly a lifetime NBA pension through workers comp.

NFL players are often the most injured. However, many of these players are tough to the bone, and will not admit that they suffer from many nagging injuries. However, many NFL will be wise to seek NFL workers comp benefits, as these cases are many times worth six-figures and could provide an NFL life pension through workers comp and lifetime NFL workers comp medical coverage.