National Football League Injuries (NFL Workers Comp Injuries)

Football has always been a dangerous sport. Most NFL players do not know that workers’ comp may cover them for their injuries. Did you know that workers comp has to provide lifetime medical care to NFL players for compensable injuries suffered as a result of playing in the NFL?

Head trauma and head injuries are a serious concern for workers compensation. NFL head injuries are covered by workers compensation. TBI traumatic brain injuries to NFL players are covered by workers compensation. Workers comp covers all types of NFL injuries, NFL concussions, NFL knee injuries, NFL shoulder injuries, NFL back injuries, NFL hand injuries, NFL neck injuries, NFL head injuries, NFL finger injuries, NFL foot injuries, NFL psyche injuries, NFL internal injuries, NFL sex injuries, NFL sleep dysfunction injuries, NFL neurological injuries and all types of NFL workers comp injuries.

Lifetime medical care for NFL Players (NFL Lifetime Future Medical Care)

Additionally, workers comp may have to provide lifetime medical care to NFL Players for their NFL workers compensation injuries.

NFL players could be eligible for a life pension through workers compensation.

NFL workers compensation settlements. NFL players could be eligible for a settlement of workers compensation with a lump sum. Many NFL injury cases settle in the six figures.

Have you ever played in the NFL?

If you have played in the NFL and have been injured, you should contact me immediately for a free consultation even if you have not played in many years. You could be entitled to several hundred thousand dollars and/or lifetime medical care for workers compensation benefits for NFL players.