Work Comp QME Appointment

I have a work comp QME appointment coming up, what should I do? Remember the QME doctor has very little information about your case before hand.  The doctor may or may not review your medical records and may be very busy. It is important to refresh your memory on the dates of specific medical treatment […]

Medical Treatment Under IMR

It has become increasingly difficult to obtain medical treatment in workers’ compensation claims due to IMR (Independent Medical Review).  Before 1/1/2013, workers’ compensation judges could decide work comp treatment denials for medical care.  Now, our work comp judges cannot review denials of work comp care, but instead all work comp treatment denials must be sent to independent medical […]

How to Qualify for Workers Comp

You need to file workers comp paperwork to qualify for workers comp. The most important document in workers comp is the workers comp claim form. This form is available from your employer, the workers comp insurance company, or by this link: You should submit the workers comp claim form as soon as possible. Generally, […]