My Results in Court

The following list is just a snapshot of my recent notable victories. I have settled numerous cases in my career with many greater than $50,000. You should always remember that every case is different, and any individual case depends upon the medical evidence and the extent of your injuries.

May 2012: Workers Comp Settlement, union workers comp case, $80,000.00 by compromise and release.

March 2012: Workers Comp Trial Victory, AOE/COE, expected payout, $150,000.00. There were 3 employer witnesses who testified to problems with the workers comp claim form and why they believed there was no injury. After two days of testimony, the workers comp judge believed the testimony of the injured worker, and the workers comp trial was decided in favor of the employee.

March 2012: Workers Comp Settlement by stipulations with request for award of 76% permanent disability.

February 2012: Workers Comp Trial settlement: $50,000.00 in temporary disability (workers comp checks) for the injured worker.

February 2012: Workers Comp Settlement Compromise and Release $145,000.00. Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside of $50,000.00

January 2012: Workers Comp Settlement by Compromise and Release $112,000.00. Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside of $62,000.00.

December 2011: Workers Comp Settlement, Mr. K. vs. Marshall, $792,000.00 expected payout. $192,000 Net to Mr. K (cash at time of settlement). This case was tricky because there was a prior award of 30% permanent disability. Also, the workers comp insurance carrier wanted to leave Mr. K.’s future medical care open, which would have left Mr. K. with very little in terms of money at settlement. However, I was able to settle the case in such a way as to obtain a lump sum workers comp settlement and Mr. K. received $192,000 at time of his workers comp settlement. However, the settlement was over 1 million dollars with the amount of medical care, temporary disability, and other benefits Mr. K. received over the life of the case.

December 2011: Workers Comp Trial Settlement, R.I. $90,000.00.

November 2011: Workers Comp Trial Victory: Mr. W. suffered a previous work related injury where he settled by way of stipulation. He went back to work 4 years later and was re-injured. We alleged an injury against his second employer. The insurance carrier denied his workers comp injury. Then, we obtained a workers comp Panel QME doctor who reported that Mr. W. did NOT suffer a new work related injury. The case went to workers comp trial where workers comp Judge Frisch ruled that Mr. W.’s injury DID arise out of his employment and the workers comp Panel QME doctor was incorrect. I personally tried the workers comp case. So far, Mr. W. is entitled to $91,000 in temporary disability not to mention the significant value of his workers comp future medical care and workers comp permanent disability.

September 2011: Workers Comp Settlement, $172,500. This workers comp case was also very tricky because of the films taken of the applicant and the possibility of a need for a medicare set aside trust account. I was able to personally settle the case without medicare taking all of the injured workers money.

August 2011: Union Carve out case. I prevailed in a union arbitration. The worker is now entitled to workers comp benefits. Estimated value of case: $150,000.00.