Car Accident Injuries and Workers Comp Claims

Many Orange County, California residents have jobs and careers that require driving. These may include sales positions, delivery drivers as well as professional drivers such as cab or limousine drivers. Many car accidents occur “while on the clock.” even though you are not physically at your office or in the workplace. These car accidents can be workers comp claims. Additionally, these cases can be prosecuted against the third party who caused the accident if the accident was not the employee’s fault. This can lead to a larger recovery for the injured workers.

Benefits In Workers Compensation Car Accident Claims

Also, you may be entitled to lifetime medical care through workers comp, which may not be available if you were to proceed with a civil claim alone. These benefits can include:


Pain and suffering (if applicable)

Medical expenses (both current and future)

Lost wage compensation (both current and future)

Establishing Liability In Work Related Auto Accidents 

Did you employer or job have anything to do with why the accident occurred or your injury? Were you en route to a work related appointment? Were you put in harm’s way due faulty, unsafe or defective parts on the vehicle? Was the vehicle you were traveling in not properly maintained by your employer? Could you have been driving a vehicle with faulty seat belts your employer knew about? All of these questions and more are important as they help to establish liability in car accident cases. In work related car accidents there are often more than one liable party. Typically, the more liable parties there are more the amount of your recovery will increase.

Steps To Take Following A Work Related Car Accident

While seeking legal recourse in most likely not at the top of your priority list following an automobile accident it should be. The liable parties insurance company will take steps to protect themselves from a legal standpoint right away. It behooves you to take similar action.

The first thing you should do is get appropriate medical care at a hospital or emergency room. This is true even if you feel ok after the accident. It is not uncommon for shock and or surges of adrenaline to mask pain and physical injury following car accidents. Not seeking medical care, and reporting the accident to your employer, can compromise you receiving workers compensation benefits.

Also, if you can, document the accident scene by taking pictures with your cell phone. Talk with anyone who may have witnessed the accident. You also need to contact the police even if the damages were minimal and you feel fine after the accident. Having a police report filed as soon as possible will go a long way in helping your case.

Lastly, contact a Newport Beach Workers Comp Attorney Shaun Cunningham to discuss your case, your rights and how to protect them.

Concerns Injured Workers Have After Suffering Work Related Injuries

Retaliation by your employer is one of the biggest concerns injured workers have after sustaining an injury that may qualify them for workers compensation claims. This is normal as, especially in a troubled economy, many people are grateful just to have a job and they do not want to jeopardize being employed. This should not be a concern however as according to California law employers cannot take disciplinary action against you after an workplace injury in an effort not to pay you workers’ compensation benefits. Having an experienced Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer on your side will ensure that your rights are protected and that you obtain any and all possible workers compensation benefits.

How A Santa Ana Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

Many injured workers are unaware of the fact that they may be eligible for workers compensation benefits for a work related car accident. These benefits can provide lifetime medical care for injuries sustained in work related car accidents. You need to seek all benefits you can get for any injury, otherwise, you may be left with pain for the rest of your life, without much to show for it.

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