Orange County CA Workers Compensation Lawyer

Have you suffered a workplace, or work related, injury? Did your accident and the resulting injuries cause you to miss time at work? Once you return to work will you be able to work at full capacity and handle all tasks associated with your daily duties? Have seemingly endless medical issues, appointments and procedures been the direct result of your workplace injury? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be entitled to benefits as well as financial compensation according to California workers compensation law. Working with a skilled Orange County CA Workers Compensation Lawyer behooves you.

I am Orange County CA Workers Compensation Lawyer Shaun Cunningham. At my law offices, located in Santa Ana and Aliso Viejo, I only handle Orange County Workers Compensation and Orange County Workers Compensation crossover cases. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have been the victim of a work related accident, injury or need an Orange County Workers Comp attorney. During the course of my legal career I have won trials on denied workers comp cases and have settled several workers comp cases exceeding $500,000.00. Representing the injured is what I do best and I have a proven track record of successfully defending their rights.

A common occurrence once you retain an attorney is that your case will be passed off to an associate or a paralegal and you never hear from the attorney again. Not only is this not a good business practice but it could theoretically damage your case. That is not how I operate. As your Orange County workers comp attorney, I provide very effective workers comp representation and will personally manage your workers comp file.

Injured workers in Orange County usually have a list of questions and concerns regarding their case and issues surrounding it such as:

Can I be retaliated against by my employer for filing a workers compensation claim?

What benefits am I entitled to?

What is the California workers comp claim filing process?

Do I need a workers compensation attorney?

Will my employer have an attorney on their side?

What should I do immediately after my work related accident or injury?

All of these questions and more I can answer for you. A workers comp claim is very complex and should only be handled by a skilled workers compensation attorney serving all of Orange County including, but not limited to, Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Santa Ana, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. Many times, if a worker tries to on their own to file an Orange County workers compensation claim, they immediately become vulnerable to disqualification for awarded compensation benefits. If the claim filing process is not strictly adhered to, you run the risk of being denied benefits. For these reasons alone you should seek qualified workers comp legal counsel.

Workers Compensation Law Firms

I encourage you to read reviews about the other workers comp law firms. You should make the best decision you can from the outset because the firm you choose to represent you will have a significant impact on your case. If I begin to see red flags regarding my claim or am not getting the level of service I expect can I change my workers comp attorney? Sure! However, a substitution of attorney should be avoided if possible. You should try to work out the issues with your current workers comp attorney. However, if this is not possible, you should hire someone whom you can work with and trust.

Hiring a Lawyer to Maximize Benefits and Settlements

Should I hire an orange county workers comp attorney? Yes! In most cases, it is wise to hire a workers comp attorney. He or she can ensure you are receiving the best medical care, maximum workers comp benefits like temporary disability and permanent disability, maximum workers comp settlement, protect you at workers comp deposition, and represent you before workers comp judges. However, in cases where the workers comp injury is very slight and your employer/workers comp insurance carrier is working with you, you might not need an attorney.

It is important to remember that when injured at work you have rights that need to be protected. An injured worker could lose lifetime medical coverage through workers compensation if the workers compensation claim is not promptly and properly filed.  Likewise, your employer has certain obligations  in the event you are injured at work. Many times Workers are hesitant and do not want to go through with filing a workers compensation claim. Injured Orange County workers may also fear losing their job or being treated differently at work once they file their claim this is absolutely against the law. While these concerns are understandable they do not change the fact that ultimately you have rights that need to be protected. Hiring me, Irvine California Workers Compensation Attorney Shaun Cunningham, is the best way to ensure that your legal rights are protected, that your claim will be filed properly according to California workers compensation law and that you obtain any and all benefits and sources of compensation you are entitled to.